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Photography by Petros Koy assisted by Philip Lewis & Beka Maglakelidze
Editing by Timi Letonja
Styling by Altorrin assisted by Sionán Murtagh & Marisa Geoffrey
Hair for Anne V by Francis Rodriguez @ The Wall Group
Hair for Male Talents by Davey Matthew @ The Only Agency assisted by Clarrisa De
MakeUp for Anne V by Billie Gene @ Opus Beauty
MakeUp for Male Talents by Sterling Tull assisted by Velli Saiduku
Manicure by Louise Corbet @ 10 Piece Nails
Production Design by Francesca Caruso
Production Execution by May Lin Le Goff @ Aries Rising Projects

Anne V @ The Lions

Caleb So @ IMG
Jayden Jackson @ IMG
Julian Cardona @ Major
Colton Glenn @ Q
Aiden Scout @ State
Alvin Opar @ State
Yannick Sako @ State
Nick Olsen @ Wilhelmina

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