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Having a creative mind and being a perfectionist gave me the constant desire to create something beautiful. I am working with incredible talents to realize my ideas and to find new ways of expression and solutions for changing markets.

For me an elaborate structure is the base of every successful production.

It's the key to inspiration. A calm and respectful atmosphere motivates the team to give its best.


With over 8 years of experience in scouting and managing models I have developed a distinguished eye for exceptional faces and a great sense for the right model.

Additionally I focus on sustainability in all aspects:

from building strong and valuable work relations over the improvement of processes to environmental consciousness.

The final result stands out from mediocrity and expresses a forward aesthetic.

I am here to bring professionalism, efficiency and quality back to the business.



Aquamarine Model Management
Blanc Magazine

Dior Homme
Fucking Young Magazine


HowToDo Production
Hugo Boss
KaDeWe Magazine
Kaviar Gauche
Lampoon Magazine
Maya Iseli Production
Miss Fame Beauty
Miu Miu
Noisé Magazine

Peter Hahn
Production Berlin
Rebekka Ruetz

Schön Magazine
Simon Riepe

Title Magazine
Tom Tailor
Tush Magazine
Vogue Czechoslovakia

Vogue Germany
What A Waste Magazine


Ahmed Chrediy
Anouk Nitsche
Ansgar Sollmann

Armin Morbach
Ashirov Martic
Claudia Knoepfel
David Ajkai
Fee-Gloria Grönemeyer
Fredrik Altinell

Jana Gerberding
Johannes Brauner
Jürgen Teller
Kaj Lehner
Kipling Phillips
Laura Okita
Lotte Thor

Magnus Magnusson
Malorie Shmyr

Marie Schuller
Marius Knieling
Markus Jans

Matteo Montanari
Max Attila Bartsch
Max Stuermer
Maximilian Mundt
Oscar Ouk
Per Florian Appelgren
Ralph Mecke

Ricardo Rivera
Serena Becker

Steeve Beckouet
Stefan Indlekofer
Tarek Mawad


Ajsa Movic
Andrea Carrazco
Angelica Erthal
Anton Susen
Coco Mitchell
Cosmo Caspers
Daphne Groeneveld
Diane Kruger
Daseul Kim
Dija Kallon
Erika Bell
Erik Loebbecke
Fabrizio Kindli
Feli Rasztar
Felize Kolibius
Finn Buchanan
Isabel Monsees
Jana Julius
Jess Maybury
Jocelyne Beaudoin
Kacper & Oscar Grzelak
Karen Williams
Lary Mueller
Lisa & Lena
Liza Ostanina
Madeleine Fischer
Madison Stubbington
Magnus Westwell
Maria Palm Lyduch
Marjan Jonkman
Milena Tscharntke
Miss Fame
Najiyah Imani
Nicole Atieno
Polina Sova
Qaher Harhash
Ros Georgiou
Ryan Burke
Sebastian Heidelberg
Sherry Shi
Sofia Korosteleva
Tziporah Salamon
Unia Pakhomova

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